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  • Mako 25 props

    I recently bought a Mako 25 with 175 Evinrude 2 strokes. Any ideas on the prop size that should be on a boat this size with these motors???

    Thanks for any advice.

    Capt. David Apple

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    What year 25?

    What props are on there now and what performance numbers are you seeing.

    are the motors on the transom or a bracket?
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      1979 Boat with motors on the transom. Today with a light load in 1'-2' tight chop, 3800 rpms was 25-31 kts depending on how I trimmed the motors. The boat/motors really like 4000 but that is faster than I wanted. They did rev to 55-5600 rpm WOT. Speed was 42 or so trimmed all the way in. If I trim the motors up I could go another 3-4 kts.

      The Props (Viper) seem to be ok.
      Capt. David Apple


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        That sounds about right if you have bottom paint and wet foam. Do you have a tower or a t-top? What year motors?
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          '96 motors. No tower, just a top covered with material/canvas.

          Not sure about the foam but I have pulled out handfuls of foam that had been 'removed' from somewhere...I pulled it out of the transom area. Must have been done during tank/transom work. No bottom paint. Props are no where near "perfect" and I will have them tuned this winter.

          I would love to find a fiberglass person in the mid Atlantic area so I could get some numbers on redoing the inside and outside finishes with some change in the layout.
          Capt. David Apple