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1992 Mako 241

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  • 1992 Mako 241

    Just picked up a 92 Mako 241 with a pair of Mercury 200 EFI's. Any input on the 241? What kind of speed should I expect? How do the run in rough/choppy water?

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    you wont find too much info on the 241 but it is just a 261 with a 2ft block in the mold to make it 24 so the stats between the two are comparable. Overall it is a very good ride. you can use the search function on google "241" and their are several threads about it. and then you can also substitute the 241 for 261 to compare more
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      great running boat and should be plenty fast with the merc 200's. My buddy had one with twin merc black max's, full tower and it would run over 50 with light fuel. It did have a problem with a broken baffle or no baffles in the tank, but other then that it was a great boat.
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        I have the exact boat, twin 200's runs high 40's WOT and cruises 25-30 at 1.5 miles per gallon with my fuel flow sensors. The ride is good, takes a good swell and blows thru it. Good fishing platform, plenty of room for 4 fisherman 6 if you want a few to watch. seating is ok, limited if you don't have a rear facing seat at the leaning post. Front seating is very good. I'll be keeping mine for awhile.


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          Good to hear. Thanks to all for the input.


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            great boat, wish I still had mine