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Looks like Irma going to get my Mako

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  • Looks like Irma going to get my Mako

    Well it is only a boat- Prayers for families in her way-

    Guess I will find out how good my insurance is.

    '79 235 CC with new Merc 4 stroke- 73 hours on motor-

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    You should be on the Gulf Coast,lots of us here in holding breath mode.[8]


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      Praying for you!!!

      I was evac'd from the Bahamas to Charlotte, NC. I have my 25 tied down and got lucky the winds were about 60 knots.

      Steven Kwajalein Atoll, RMI


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        How did you guys make out? I saw a brief video from big pine key a lot of really nice boats laying on there sides in the streets. My buddies condo in North Palm Beach had its dock torn up good but no water made it in fortunately.
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          Well she will live to fight another fish- no damage in our area- not even a tree down- Apalach / SGI Fla


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            I have not even untied my Mako, going back to COR4 on the island for Maria...UGH!!!
            Steven Kwajalein Atoll, RMI


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              Does anyone know the best way to prep a boat on a trailer for a hurricane???


              1. filled the bilge with water

              2. took the air out of tires

              3. used transom ties down and a 3 inch ratchet straps to secure boat

              to trailer

              4. used ratchet tie downs to secure boat to nearby fences in X


              It was the best I could do and luckily no damage
              1971 Angler 17[br]2000 Johnson 150[br]Miami, Fl


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                My insurance company actually sent something to me the week before Irma. I will try to post it here. It was informative for storing on a lift, in the water, or on a trailer. Like multiple pages stating the best practices.

                I kept mine on the lift, made sure my policy would cover it. I was looking for a trailer for my 25, and still am. But I put heavy ratchet straps on my lift to stop it from wobbling.

                I, first, ran 100' Lines to trees in my yard, while the boat was low on the lift. I, put out the anchor line and anchor around an obsticale on my second floor of the house, about 150' away. I then lifted the boat Putting some tension on the large lines.

                I left smaller ropes 50' loosely around the cleats and the pilings, incase it did begin to float, those would be a last resort. I wrote my phone number on the console with a sharpie.

                I removed everything from the boat that I cared about, I taped all the covers to my electronics on, Made sure the bilge was clear of debris, and batteries charged, I also made little scuppper guards to prevent leaves from clogging my scuppers. I spent the previous day with a shopvac, snake and hose cleaning all of my scuppers out.

                I left the binnacle in gear to prevent the prop from blowing around and spinning my lower unit.

                My inlet has no rocks, is sheltered by 2 bridges and theres mangroves which protect the water from getting sloppy. I wasnt afraid of damage from the boat floating off the lift but the wind had me scared, the trailer would have left the same concern for me.

                I will try to post that link once we find it, maybe we can put it in a sticky somewhere anyway. it was a very very informative article about prepping. some even mentioned tying to telephone poles etc.

                Im glad we kind of dodged a bullet. I am glad to say the only damage I got

                was a ton of debris in the boat, i need to spend more time cleaning my scuppers again.

                Screw you IRMA.
                Marc Muzzy[br]S.W. Florida [br]Anna Maria Island[br]\'81 25 \'09 suzuki 250[br]


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                  Originally posted by nickdavies

                  Well she will live to fight another fish- no damage in our area- not even a tree down- Apalach / SGI Fla

                  Awesome news!
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