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    About to install my second-hand tabs and need to convert the upper hinge of my cylinder rams. They presently have the hinge with external line and I want to install the standard hinge, I'm assuming there's no issue with this and also assuming (hoping) that new O-rings will come standard when I order the new hinges.

    The first question I have is regarding the mounting of the planes. In reading Bennett's installation manual (classic tabs), it references a backing plate, which I do not have. This appears to be installed between the plane and the transom and I really don't understand it's purpose. The stainless seems plenty beefy enough to where I wouldn't have to worry about cupping the metal from tightening it to the transom. Is this backing plate there to serve as a standoff for the plane hinge or something? As I said, I don't have this backing plate. I can fabricate one easily enough if it's necessary but what am I looking at-1/8" stainless?

    Secondly, I do not have the brass nipples/90's to go through the transom. Is there anything special about the thread pattern or can I just grab any old brass nipple/90 of appropriate size to mount to my upper hinge? It would be a bitch to bugger up the threads on new hinges. My local supplier stocks the ferruled nuts but no other Bennett hardware. I can always order them but if there is no difference, I'd just as soon mount these right up. I'm approaching 2 years and beginning to get a little anxious as I'm getting closer and closer to the finish line.

    Appreciate anyone's input...
    Dave [br]Woodbury Heights, NJ[br]\'73 Mako 20[br]\'85 Mako 254[br][br]

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    I searched and searched but ended up with them from Bennett. I would go straight to them for the parts so you know you have the right stuff.
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      Thanks very much for that. I guess I'd better get on the horn.
      Dave [br]Woodbury Heights, NJ[br]\'73 Mako 20[br]\'85 Mako 254[br][br]


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        GOOD INFO!


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          Whad ya find out about the trim tabs?
          David Stebbing


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            I did have the backing plates, after all. Once I put them together it all made sense. The backing plate is actually part of the hinge-once you tighten everything up it holds the hinged pieces together.

            As far as the brass nipples, they are just standard 1/8" nipples. I thought the tubing I had lying around was the old tubing for the tabs but I later realized what I had was the old tubing for the steering. The boat used to have twins and the PO used tubing instead of hoses. This all became became apparent once I bought the Bennet hardware kit and new upper hinges. I ended up using nipples from a hardware store as the hardware kit came with 3" nipples and I wanted 4" due to the thickness of the transom at the location I came through.

            I didn't have much room to play with the location due to the bracket width, location of the stringers and height of the deck. I probably have them mounted about a quarter of an inch higher than they could have been but they'll do the job, albeit a little less efficient than optimum. I will snap a couple pictures and put them up when I can get a chance to get down to the shop.
            Dave [br]Woodbury Heights, NJ[br]\'73 Mako 20[br]\'85 Mako 254[br][br]