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Mako 230 Walkaround specs vs 238

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  • Mako 230 Walkaround specs vs 238

    Hi ya'll! New member here and my first post. Perhaps I'll do an intro post in that forum but my brief Mako history is: I grew up fishing in Mexico on a 1980 238 Walkaround. Since then my passion to own one has always lurked. That boat meant a lot to me and helped make me who I am today. Last year, I bought a 2015 19 CPX CC at our lakehouse in Arkansas and now we own a canal front home in Placida, FL so the time has come to fulfill my dream!
    I am in talks with a fellow CM member to possibly purchase his restored 230. Perhaps you've seen it. Before I do, I wonder if any of ya'll can shed some light on some differences between it and the 238.
    Specifically three areas: 1) The 230 has the 8' beam whereas the earlier 238 has 8.5. 2) The 230 has a 17 degree deadrise versus the 238's 19. And 3) the 230 has 300 pounds (2800 vs 2500) over the 238.
    I'm curious where the narrower beam loses the six inches- is it in the gunwales, walkarounds, cabin/helm or a little of all? And does narrower beam of the 230 have any effect on its handling or stability? I've read one review saying it can "roll" a bit.
    Is the difference in deadrise significant? I read one review saying the 230 doesn't like speed much due to the 17 degree deadrise and that porpoise control can be an issue.
    Lastly, where does the extra 300 pounds come from? Seems like the 230 should be lighter since it's smaller (narrower beam) and just has two pedastal seats and not the helm station of the 238. It does have a pullpit but I doubt that's very heavy.
    I will ultimately also be on the lookout for a 250B or 248 (hint hint if anyone has a good lead), but a 230 or 238 is a great start right now, and having both would be a dream! I'm not sure if 238's are even out there. I don't see any listed now but haven't looked for many years. So maybe it's not even and option and maybe the 230 is "better" anyway as it's a later year and I'd assume improved.
    Any insight is MUCH appreciated! Thanks for having me and I look forward to learning and possibly contributing!

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    Well my friend we have some things in common. I grew up on a 238 which I ended up buying and restoring myself. I have family in arkansas....fordyce and cabot. Unfortunately i cant answer your questions /on the two boats but i would say you would prefer the 238
    here is my 238
    1984 Mako 238 WA [br]2015 Suzuki 250 APX[br]Central PA/OCMD[br][br]


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      Thanks Brandon, very cool! Sounds like you and I should keep in touch. I sure wish I could have picked up the 238 that I grew up on. Last I knew, it was hauled back up to Arizona (from Mexico) where it's probably sitting somewhere. I would be absolutely elated to be able to hunt it down!
      In the meantime, you could actually help me out with some measurements from your 238, if you're feeling that nice and adventurous! If you could verify the beam width, then the gunwales, walkaround aisles, and cabin/helm area width- kind of all at the same spot, maybe right where you enter the walkarounds- then I could compare it to the 230 measurements and see where the narrower beam affects the 230.
      As for the decreased deadrise angle, I'll just assume that's a factor of the narrower beam. And the increased weight will remain a mystery- maybe a beefier tank or more stuff in the cabin. Possibly they thickened the fiberglass or bracing somewhere- who knows.
      Arkansas- our place there is on Lake Hamilton, hear Hot Springs. Cool place. Let me know if you or family ever want to go stay, we do Air BnB it, but not the 19' Mako.
      Please let me know if you'd be willing to grab those measurements. I'd be very thankful! Lastly, in your picture- assuming yours is on the left, what's the one on the right?


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        That’s triple crown docked next to me ocean city MD. TC Is the best restored 250 there is.

        the beam measurement is going to be from the widest point of the boat. In this case the stern. The added .5” of beam helps with achieving the 19 degrees dead rise . The mako 260 is the absolute best cuddly in my opinion, next would would be the 250 then the 238. I think for fishing the gulf the 230 will fit you well. Yeah there is gonna be a difference in attitude but you’ll never notice it unless you’re bouncing back and fourth between boats. If I was you I’d hold out for 238 or bigger. Before sinking money into the My Sanity I tried to talk the family into selling it and going with a 260. They were attracted to the 238
        1984 Mako 238 WA [br]2015 Suzuki 250 APX[br]Central PA/OCMD[br][br]


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          Thanks Brando, I am familiar with TC's 250, exquisite! A 250 or 260 is definitely on the wish list, or a 248 as the stats show it has a 12" draft- not sure if that's correct. The decreased beam of the 230 versus 238 is half a foot, not inches, maybe that was a typo. Still not sure where that 6" is given up as for interior space, but I am going with the 230 as he's done such a great job on this one, it's too good to pass up! If you come across a 248/50/60, keep me in mind as I have two lifts and want to keep these babies on the water!