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Scupper options for my 232??

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  • Scupper options for my 232??

    I've begun the journey of rehabbing/refitting my 1998 232. As part of that, I am on a mission to replumb stuff. Part of that is the check/gate valves which are shot. I've seen a million options on how to handle this. I'd like to go stainless for cosmetic reasons, at least at/above the water line. I really liked the gemlux duckbill solution but in only works with their 1.5" thru hull and mine is a 2". So I'm honing in on some options but have a bit of analysis paralysis...

    Opt 1. Easiest... replace the gate valves with new bronze. Leave existing thru-hull.
    Opt 2. Harder... Replace the existing thru-hull with SS. Add SS gate valve
    Opt 3. About as hard... Go with a SS 2" thru hull with a flapper from gemlux or Perko. Skip the gate valve. Are these flapper thru-hulls as effective as the gate valves?
    Opt 4. Hardest? Close hole down to accept the gemlux 1.5" thru-hull with duck-bill set up. Use their adapter to go from 1.5" thru-hull to 2" hose.

    Bonus questions.... my scuppers sit at/below water line most of the time if the scum line is any indication. Would you add a ball valve to the set up? Given how low these things are, they make me a bit nervous but maybe I'm being paranoid. The Perko 2" thru-hull/ flapper is set-up for hose barb so I wouldn't use that. But the gemlux thru-hull with flapper is NPT thread so I could add on the ball valve without much extra difficulty (but more cost).

    I've read all the scupper threads I can find on here but welcome any suggestions/input. I'm probably wayyyyy overthinking this.


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    My suggestion would be to keep the factory style design and replace the thru-hulls with SS (for looks, bronze are fine) and swing check valves with bronze as experience with a SS valve leaves me to believe they are much more noisy. I would not add or subtract anything. The factory design works very well for me at keeping the cockpit dry when anchored up and fishing with 2-3 adults back there.

    The scupper outlets are partially underwater on mine at rest and when I first got the boat the check valves were fouled and not working. Needless to say, I was fishing with very wet feet. I tried a cheap fix with rubber flaps over the 2" scupper outlet but that was useless. I was able to get the valves clean and working but one of them just kept getting stuck so I replaced it with a stainless one. Now I have dry feet but the new SS valve makes its presence known over the bronze. It could be that it's new or because it's SS construction but it's definitely louder. My $.02.
    95 232 w/225 Opti Hollywood, FL