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1996 17' foam saturation?

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  • 1996 17' foam saturation?

    My boat has developed a slight list and lean. I'm guessing water intrusion into cavities and the foam is holding water.
    I saw a few pictures online of foam below deck and also in the gunnel cavities...? Just looking for guidance on that issue. My gas tank (40 gal) which is original also appears to have been foamed in.
    If anyone can confirm this would be appreciated. I have a moisture meter and will shoot it again.
    So this becomes a project cutting the deck, removing the foam and somehow pulling the tank....
    The console sits on a hatch which appears to sit over the fuel tank.

    If anyone has gone down this long road or taken this project on any thoughts and experience appreciated.


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    I am currently replacing the tank in my 201 because it was leaking. Yes the tank on most (if not all of these Makos) was foamed in. In my case when I pulled the tank I discovered a few things. Previous owner had replaced the gas tank once before and when they did so they had cut the coffin out and then put it back in poorly. Since I couldn't leave that alone I took the coffin back out and discovered (no surprise) that the foam underneath was soaked with water and gas. As I dug that out I found that I could access the bow from the area below the coffin and all of the foam in the bow was also wet. So, I am currently removing the foam from the bow without removing the deck (which in my case was in good shape with no soft spots). All of that is to say that it is possible to access the foam in the bow without removing the deck, but it isn't fun. I work on it a little at a time and I have 5 more months until boating season so I hope to have it all removed and replaced long before time to splash it for the season.

    Removing the tank was not too bad. Took about an hour to get all screws and enough caulk out of the coffin lid to lift that off and another hour to dig out enough foam around the edges to break the seal and to get a ratchet strap around the mounting brackets to pull the tank free from the foam. The smell from the saturated foam was pretty much unbearable so I went to my local hardware store and bought an inexpensive respirator which has helped a lot.


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      Thanks for that info. So, there are two chaff tubes feeding wires aft from under the console, did you pull all the wires first before removing the coffin box lid/console? The coffin box lid/console appear to be all one piece so would come off as a unit. I dont want to cut a bunch or wires off, guess I would need to label them before disconnecting, and probably run new wires anyway and pull them through?
      Trying to get in front of this before any work would start. Is it standard to refoam after removing all the wet foam, or just the coffin box/tank? Not looking to cut the deck out which is pretty solid. I have a small live well with original plastic/pvc tubes to come out. Really difficult access under the deck....went down this road on a SeaCraft resto and ended up gutting the boat. Not looking to repeat that experience. If anyone can verify that the cavities do not need to be rofoamed...?


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        The 201 is clearly a different boat so someone with a 17 will be able to provide more specifics. In my case the console was screwed to the deck and to the coffin lid, and yes all of the wiring and the hydraulics are run down through the chase tubes. I was able to remove all of the screws from the console, tip it forward, and put blocks under the aft edge to support it. Then I was able to remove all screws from coffin lid, cut all of the caulk from the seams and remove the coffin lid.

        I believe there are Coast Guard regulations about foam in boats under a certain length so putting some foam back is probably required. I plan to replace at least some of the foam in my project. Haven't gotten that far yet so don't have anything to offer there. Good luck.


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          Thanks for that, if anyone reading this has done a 17' please chime in on the foam-