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Mako 25 repower - twin 200 or twin 150?

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  • Mako 25 repower - twin 200 or twin 150?

    So, I blew a piston in a new-to-me 1980 Mako 25 with bracket, had 2-stroke twin Yamaha 200s. I ordered new Yamaha 200s in April, and while I have a left-hand drive motor with my name on it, I just found out the right-hand drive may not arrive until December or January. I know I'm not the only one waiting on motors or parts, but after losing the summer it's killing me to potentially lose Christmas break. There's a chance I can get 150s sooner, but I'm reluctant to downgrade horsepower. I loved how the 25 handled with 200s, briefly though I had it.

    Anyone else with a 25 that can tell me I'd love 150s or should hold out for 200s? Biggest fear is spending that kind of money and being disappointed with performance.

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    Well I can't exactly say this is an apples to apples comparison. I have a 25 with a single 300. So far I am very happy with the combo, my setup is performance wise probably pretty close to what the twin 150s would be. Boat has great holeshot and tops out around 42 mph, with a full tank of fuel, just me and I have a tower. I cruise around 28 - 30 mph at 4k rpm, I currently have a 3 blade Quicksilver Thunderbolt prop 17 pitch. While I am happy with what I have if I had the opportunity and the money to go twin 200s it would be hard to pass that up. While I am sure the extra 100 hp is not going to make it a 60mph boat I bet it would be pretty close to if not 50 mph and feel like you are shot out of a cannon off the line.
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      Max out the weight HP. What I mean is most 150 and 200s are the same engine block so get the most HP for the weight.
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        That's been my thinking all along, it's negligible difference of transom weight between 150 and 200 so might as well get the additional horsepower. I'm a fan of twins, might just be the old school thinking of "having a spare to limp home on" if something breaks. I know motors are much better these days, but still, I broke one and was able to limp home without SeaTow. I don't need to run at 60mph, and with the kids usually cruise around 35-40. But it's a great hole shot and I know there's a lot left on the throttle if I need it. I wish there was an apples to apples comparison out there, just hoping someone here has gone up or down horsepower and can tell me I'm crazy either way.


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          I have a 87 254 and the max horsepower is 370 according to the manual. What is your max horsepower?


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            I've had 150's, 200's, 225's and current setup is a single 300. All three twin set ups were the same weight so no difference there, roughly 900# . 150's were great for redundancy and peace of mind going off shore, but if one goes down, it's a slow ride home. 200's I could plane on one engine and get home quicker. 225's were too much power, that hull is just not designed to go over 50mph. The single 300 has been my favorite. I find the boat to handle better and is more balanced. I don't have the peace of mind with twins, so got unlimited tow insurance
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              did you get your 200's? I have a 253 walkaround with twin optimax 150's. the starboard motor blew a piston, so I am repowering with pair of suzuki's. The twin 150 optimax's were plenty of power before she blew.