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  • New member and bracket question?

    Hi All,

    I am a new member to the forum and proud new owner of a 1998 232. I've had the hots for this hull ever since I first saw one. This is not my first boat (currently have a 43' Ocean). But this is my first CC project. Boat is in super condition but is old and needs updating. Phase 1 work for this winter include soda blast/barrier coat/bottom paint, new rub rail and new t-top canvas. Remove all the hull graphics. I'll also be replumbing the bilge and replacing scuppers and thru-hulls. I may even dive into rewiring the console if I have time. Everything works but wiring is a sloppy mess.

    My question relates to "phase 2" for next winter. Boat currently has a 225 Ocean Pro that runs fine but I hate dealing with the oil and the smoke is awful. So I want a modern 4 stroke. I have read everything I can find on repowering these boats and have seen the same hull with everything from 225 Etecs to 300 Yamaha and Suzukis. Those that have done it claim it's fantastic but I'm skeptical. My boat appears to ride a bit stern low now with a 475lb engine. And pics of a few of the repowered boats I've seen look a bit low too. I also don't like that the boat, even as it is now, won't run on plane much below 23-24mph. Given a new engine will easily add 100-125lbs, these things will likely get worse.

    So, that is a long wind up to my questions which is.... What are peoples thoughts on replacing the factory bracket with a new one? By my math, another 3 cubic feet of displacement would gain me about 150lbs of flotation that could pick the stern end of the boat up. I've also been told by a buddy who's a naval architect that it would also likely improve slow speed planning. But $4k +/- for a new bracket is a big bill in addition to the cost of the repower.

    I welcome any thoughts on this. Thanks in advance!

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    That’s a very good question, I am running a 92 221B, same identical boat as the 232, with a 2015 Yamaha f300. I kept the OEM bracket and added to the bottom to give me more running / planning surface. I attached the idea I had and how it came along.
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      Congrats on the new purchase! As to your query, I would do as Stroken suggests and plan on doing it myself once the time comes for that. The cost of a new bracket from the major manufacturers is definitely a no-go for me right now and I don't know if you've gotten a quote recently but I've heard higher than $4k. Hopefully I can find a local aluminum fabricator that can do the work within my budget. Also, don't discount trapped water as a factor in the stance of the boat. Either way, I don't think you will get the scuppers much if at all over the water line and it works well like that so long as you have working scupper valves.

      Regarding your current situation, what prop do you have and how dirty is the bottom? When I first got my boat it was not performing too well with a very fouled bottom. After cleaning the bottom, it went from 36mph top end to 42mph on glass smooth water but needed just a little tab to not porpoise. I still had to go wide open and back off in order for it to plane quickly and it would come off plane at about 3800 rpm so I was always cruising at about 4k. It was also awful in following seas and not much better in head seas. That was with a 14.125"x19p 3 blade prop. A swap to a 4 blade 14.625"x17p prop changed the whole attitude of the boat. It will still take a long time to plane unless you just go well over the intended rpm and then back off but it will plane without doing that and without bringing the bow out of the water as it did with the 3 blade. With the added stern lift of the 4 blade, it handles everything better and no need for tab to run WOT. Even following seas are much better since it has the grip it needs to maintain the right attitude when trimmed up.
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        Stroken... thanks for this. Great idea. I had not considered modifying the existing bracket. Without doing more research I'm guessing that would be a lot more cost effective than buying new. And I like the look of thee existing bracket, just thinking I need another 150lbs of flotation.

        Questions????... 1. How did you find the modification effected performance and stance? F300 is a big motor. 2. Where did you route the drain for the in deck live well?

        Hectorsn... Thanks for the input. Yes a new bracket looks to be about $4k, probably more. Not anxious to spend that money if I don't have to and love the possibility of modifying the bracket. I don't know what prop I have. Honestly I got the boat about 5 weeks ago and just plopped her in the water. I'm pretty sure it's a 3 blade. I also know it's got some edge dings on it so needs to be reconn'd. Bottom is clean but paint is in horrible condition, hence my plan to soda blast over winter. As she sits now I have to go full WOT to get her on plane then back down. From there I cruise around 4500rpm at 28mph and she needs tab. I think top end is in the low 30's. I haven't thought about messing with props since my plan is to repower after next season if budget allows. So in mean time I'm hoping that new bottom and reconn'd prop will help with the performance.


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          I never ran the boat before the 300, but the bracket mods changed the ride and got the stern up quicker, and won’t ride as heavy now that it has deeper running surface. The boat always sat great in the water, and I don’t have livewell hooked up so I deleted the thru hull.
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            Thanks Stroken. I think modifying the bracket is an excellent idea. So I think that's the direction I'll go. Thinking right now I'll do a 300hp Merc V8. They are pretty light but the extra flotation out back is good insurance and I think it will lower the minimum planning speed. So that will be next winter. This winter redoing all the plumbing and doing a rewire along with assorted other misc. items. I'll use the boat with the current engine next summer and plan on the repower and bracket mods next winter.