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  • Repower Mako 230

    Hey fellas,

    Really at a crossroads here between the yamaha inline 4 cylinder f200 or an etec 225.

    The price with rigging out the door are pretty much comparable.

    Choosing these 2 engines due to the fact I don't want my scuppers below the waterline.

    Whats ultimately holding me back on the inline 4 f200 is my worry of under powering the boat.

    Currently with my Yamaha 225 SWSII I put her at 3800 rpm and cruise at 28 mph full fuel and two of us. My boat has an aluminum hardtop.

    Im confident the etec will push her along fine but really prefer Yamaha.

    I prefer the Yamaha due to the customer service I currently receive from my mechanic, the ease to drive to the shop (2 miles) versus 12 miles to the etec mechanic, and the direct fitment of the Yamaha. I have verified that the yamaha installation will open the least amount of holes and is a very straightforward direct fit (engine, rigging, gauges) due to the fact I already have a 1998 Yamaha SWSII back there.

    Can anyone offer their opinion? Experience? Also, I'd like to add Suzuki, Honda, and Mercury are not being considered. In my area, there just isn't the marine mechanic support for these models like the Yamahas and E-rudes.

    thanks guys appreciate it!

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    The 4.2L 225-300 Yamaha wieghs 50# more than the ox66 but price would. W the big difference
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