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'82 21' Moeller Tank

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  • '82 21' Moeller Tank

    I was wondering if anyone with a 70s/80's model 21' has replaced the tank with a polly or.... Or have the original tank measurements- The factory tank is 86gal. Just trying to decide to go polly or custom fab aluminum before I pull the old tank. Pros and cons to each & trying to factor cost into that as well. There are a few polly tanks that I can get under 500. The aluminum will run around 900.

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    I’m may be going the same route!the aluminum ,You can have made to any dimension you want(custom)moeller is off the shelf sizing!I am looking into the 90gal. I will know more as I start demoing.


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      Your best bet is to pull the tank and take measurements off of it. That way you are guaranteed it will fit. I did the tank on my 25 two years ago and the tank builder had a turn around time of about 2 weeks. The timing was great, by the time I got all the old hoses out, new ones in and all the prep work done so was the tank.

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        How bad is your tank pulled mine aluminum tank and only top and fittings was bad rest of tank good so cut top out cleaned and took to welder and had a top welded on along with fill neck and pick up not sure if that is a option for you


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          I may be in the same boat. What are people's thoughts about Poly tanks? Cost is a lot less (Speedy tanks quoted $1750 for a 100gal tank), but it will take some mods to make the poly tank fit in the space (or so I have heard). I am in the "gathering information" stage and trying to get through the season on external tanks. Would love to hear why folks are opposed to poly tanks.


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            As mentioned above how bad of shape is the tank in mine was looked good other than top which was pitted and corroded due salt water sitting on top over years when I cut top out tank it looked brand new welder welded new aluminum top and fill neck etc. and pressure tested was good as new $300-350