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Mako 225 DC speed

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  • Mako 225 DC speed

    I just repowered my 1996 225 DC with a 200hp four stroke Yamaha. I’m topping out around 26 knots at 5600. Seems like I should see more speed. Anyone have this boat and a comparable motor. I never had a fully operating motor on this boat
    to compare this one to. I don’t see written up on this boat.

    thank for your thoughts.

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    Something is wrong. You should be alot faster. I have a 205 dc with a 130 Johnson and i top out at 32mph with 2 adults and half a tank of fuel. Check your motor height and what prop are you running


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      Did the motor come with the boat? Start with first principles: is the cavitation plate more or less even with bottom of hull? Check the stamp on the prop for the pitch and make sure it is right for your boat. My 201 with an old 2-stroke 200hp Merc runs upper 30's on a good day. Your 225 weighs a bit more but still should be well over 30 if all is well.


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        The motor that I bought with the boat was and unknown think 225 Merc. Never ran right, so I don’t have a real comparison. I’ll check the cavitation plate, pretty sure it’s even with the bottom. I had a reputable guy sell me the motor and do the the swap. I changed the prop to a 15P to get he rPMs to max out at 5600.


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          What is the wot rpms supposed to be for your motor? Cavitation plate should be skimming the water when on plane. Also how the bottom of the boat. You should be seeing atleast over 40mph. Something isnt right. What kinda prop is on it?