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1995 Mako 211 ? ?

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  • 1995 Mako 211 ? ?

    I bought a 1995 Mako 211 w/ a 200HP etec last October.........I think. I look up Mako Legacy specs and it does not show a 1995 Mako 211.....1994 is the closest year.
    However, the specs for that year say it's rated for up to a 250hp and has a 110- gal gas tank...... but the 200 etec seems too big for this boat (when the in-the-deck live well at the stern is fulI, I take water over the transom in just a small chop)
    This is my hull number:
    Click image for larger version

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    Here she is on the trailer:

    Click image for larger version

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    I'm trying to find out the size of the gas tank and what is the max HP.
    I feel like I may have a great engine on a great boat, but they don't belong together.
    The sticker on the boat is washed out, unreadable. The badge visible at the stern does say Mako 211.
    Thanks for any help with this........

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    It’s not uncommon for there to be carryover years...where a manufacturer has leftover stock and is sold in the year later. The 94 211 has the same specs as the 95 22. Same but different but the same!


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      the Etec probably weighs a bit more than the 2-stroke the Mako tested with. If your batteries are still in the back you might consider moving the forward under the console to help with weight distribution.


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        I had to move my batteries under my console and put 200lbs of sand bags in my anchor locker. My Honda weighs ALOT


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          Awesome, thanks for the replies. So you guys are saying it really is a 211, so that's good news.
          Yes, both batteries are already under the CC .
          I'm guessing no using the live well either....
          a Mako211 it originally had a 110 gal gas tank....Are the original tanks stainless steel? Poly?


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            My 89 has an aluminum 88gal.


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              My '94 211 has 110 gallon aluminum tank.
              I hate the way the console and tank cover are molded as one peice!
              1992 211 w/175 OptiMax
              Glen Campbell, Pa.