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1988 261 Bracket Recommendations

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  • 1988 261 Bracket Recommendations

    261 owner here. I have an open transom with a fiberglass offshore bracket and twin 200 HPDIs. I want to replace the bracket (it's showing some wear) and I wondered if I could get some opinions. Priced Armstrong and it looks to be about $8K.

    Any other suggestions?

    I'd prefer to have one that allowed me to mount my current motors to, but still give me the ability to mount two four stroke 200s when they become available. Any thoughts?

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    I had mine made by A&J Marine welding in Miami a couple of years ago. I had it made deeper than normal for extra flotation to support the Suzuki 4 strokes I put on it. Should have had them make it wider as well. Stroken on this site had a bracket custom made to his specs by someone he knows. The transom on my 1990 261 was 16 degrees and the back of the bracket was made to match. I had to add 5 degree wedges to allow the motors to trim under more and provide extra stern lift at lower speeds.


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      I had mine made by a local welded aluminum boat builder. It was significantly cheaper than anything that I could find from any of the "big names" that get mentioned online all the time.
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