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Mako 261, Overall Height on Trailer with T-Top

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  • Mako 261, Overall Height on Trailer with T-Top

    I am in the market for a project 261, more on that later...

    However, I am also soon to build an enclosed shop and I have been debating on my overall door height... For you 261 Owners, how tall is the overall height of your boat to the top of your T-Top? Please include the radar, antenna base, etc. that sits on top of the T-Top. Outrigger poles can be removed, but if there is a sleeve stub up, please include that.

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    I dont have a 261 but do have a 254 I have a 12' door on My garage and with antenna mounts, Outrigger mounts, etc I clear by just couple of inches. I am also on a triple axle trlr with 15" wheels hope that helps

    1983 Mako 254/1999 Sport Nautique GT-40/1997 Sea Doo GSi/ 1984 Surf Jet


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      Just measured mine. It's 137" tall to the top of the T-Top. I have a tower, but it folds down. I'm sitting on a double-axle Boat Master trailer. I also have mine raised pretty high in the front right now. I imagine it would drop a few inches if I lowered the front. I can do that tomorrow to 'truck height' if you like.

      I'm sure it varies based on the size wheels and trailer manufacturer, but that should get you pretty close.


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        Nah, looks like I can get by with a 12' high door and be good.