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1974 MAKO 19

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  • 1974 MAKO 19

    I recently purchased a 1974 MAKO 19. My grandfather had a 1974 MAKO 19 and it brought my mother a lot of joy to know I had the same boat as her father.

    The boat seems very clean (no soft spots, engine runs, transom is solid, etc). The engine is a 1987 Johnson two stroke that looks dated, so I asked a good friend of mine who knows about engines “could you look into a new/ used engine for me”. This was incase the older Johnson stopped working. His answer kind of of surprised me when he said “MAKOs were great boats after 1974. This design had a lot of problems. I wouldn’t suggest putting any money into this thing”

    I'm hoping people here could comment on his remark. I’ve always know MAKOs to be great boats. Was 1974 a bad year? Please see pictures attached.
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