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17 ft Mako hull issue

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  • LBouzono
    I have a 17’, great boat, congratulations! The hole on the outside of the transom needs to be plugged in before launching the vessel. You should plug the two holes coming from each side of the well (inside boat part of the transom) you’ll notice when you stop the boat water will creep through them and into into your lockers (or whatever you want to call them), plug them, when you are moving the boat you can unplug them and you will see water draining out through them and through the scuppers. Post some pictures to make things clearer.

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  • Sga777
    started a topic 17 ft Mako hull issue

    17 ft Mako hull issue

    I just bought an older Mako 17, and where the motor mounts on the transom is lower than the rest of the transom. There is a hole in the upper bilge where I think a plug goes, (not the plug in the bottom of the hull), and I’m not sure how the plug is supposed to work. Should the plug be in or out during operation? There are also 2 holes on either side of the floor that looks like they drain to the lower hull of the boat. The boat seems to take on a lot of water during operation, and I just want to make sure I’m using it correctly???