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Fish locked drain clogged

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  • Fish locked drain clogged

    Last Oct/Nov I bought a 1995 Mako 211 with an etec 200 . Just getting into the work now. The hull looks good, floor is solid.
    Hoping to get some ideas on clearing a clogged drain hose. The drain starts at the anchor locker, goes straight down under the bow fish locker (where that drain connects), passes the locker and just after that it is stopped up.
    It doesn't feel like a "soft" blockage. So far Drano and a couple of different snakes have not made a dent.
    I opened the bilge hatch at the stern and tried forcing water (with a garden hose)up the two open hoses that drain into there. No movement.
    Looks like the water isn't even slowly draining.
    Beginning to think I may need a plumber......
    Appreciate any ideas....

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    I had this problem and found ironically there was a third valve on my 254 cc which was very hard to see. However I would first go to harbor freight they have a fiberglass fish very small diameter, try probing to clean without having to be too aggressive. Next thing I did for my smaller boat was put rubber grommet the size of plug on end of air Chuck then gradually increase pressure till it moves. Caution you can’t see damage you cause if you’re too aggressive with psi. Good luck . Other idea hose pressure?
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      After a lot of fish tape and garden hose blasting I finally got the one on my 261 unclogged. I ran brass plumbers chain down it and secured a plastic ball on both sides, fore & aft. If I get another clog, i will gust give the chain a lil back & forth jerkin and it should clear any future blockage with the help of a little water


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        Mine is plugged with old rusty chain bits, sand and who knows what else. been that way since I bought it in 2003. I have tried a bunch of different things with no luck if you figure it out, let the rest of us know

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          Hello again,
          Lo and behold, I put "super gel" drano in there with very hot water and left it over night.
          Next day the garden hose did the trick.
          Pretty sure there wasn't any rusty chains down there!