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1988 23' Mako Fuel Tank Dimensions

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  • 1988 23' Mako Fuel Tank Dimensions

    In the process of buying a third Mako that needs some work - Most importantly, we need to replace the tank. Does anyone have a drawing of the tank that can be shared?
    I believe tank is 115 gals for that vintage boat and it is flat bottom form what I can find so far / we will definitely use the old tank for comparison, but just trying to get ahead a bit

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    Your best bet is to pull the tank, get some measurements and call Sunshine Marine tanks in Fl. You would not want to build a tank off someone's measurements off the internet
    David, New Kent, Va

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      If call Sunshine and tell them the year and model, they do have a database of tanks since they have been doing Mako tanks for so long, Additionally, they give a small discount to Mako owners because of the long relationship.

      First pull the deck plate to verify the Length and Width.

      When I spoke to them 2 weeks ago, I am rebuilding another 89 Mako, they had a few sizes for my model. That confused me since that cannot be the case so I decided to pull the tank first.
      Reality though, as TripleCrown stated. pull the tank and use those dimensions. I just pulled mine on Friday and the stated size, i.e. gallons, of the tank for my model is actually larger than the capacity of the tank I pulled out. Its the original tank but Mako must have rounded up etc in their docs.

      Also you will need to match the mounting tab positions for your new tank.

      Good luck, its always a wonderful sound when you hear that tank finally pop loose!