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Hydraulic steering conversion

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  • Hydraulic steering conversion

    I'm sure some one has done this project on their mako, I have a mako 19 and was looking at doing the conversion over does anyone have any positive reviews on brands or products they have installed? How hard was it? A local shop said it would cost 1600$ which I kinda find hard to believe... Especially since some baystar kits are only 700$

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    I installed a Bay Star unit on my 20 Ft Mako (an old ,but great 1986 hull). two years ago, following the replacement of my old Black Max 150 with a Mercury 150 Four Stroke. The job was one of the easiest mods I have ever made on the boat. LOTS easier than when I replaced the Teleflex cable steering several years. ago. You do have to do some modification of the steering unit mount on the console, which might take some ingenuity depending on what yours looks like, but that was the only tricky part I encountered.
    I got my Bay Star online for about the $700 you mention, and I got the same skyhigh, $1600 to $1700 quotes from the local marine dealers...a total RIP OFF! The performance of the boat, and ease of steering, with the hydraulic steering is fantastic.
    Charles McBrearty


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      I plan to install on my 19' restoration. But a little ways out for time.
      Can be found on sleezebay(ebay) free shipping under $500.00 (entire kit)
      Prices are whatever you are willing to pay on there too.
      Just another option.
      Best of luck