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    I’ve got a new-to-me ‘88 261. It has twin 200 HPDIs on a bracket. When people walk to the back of the boat, the selfbailing holes begin to fill with water. It goes to the bulge and is pumped out, but this is an awful thing to me. Is this common?

    what is the best way to solve this issue? Better bracket?
    I’d like to keep a bracket, but not if they all result in water coming in the boat.


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    The bracket doesn't help but the engines are just a bit too heavy since they went four stroke or direct injected 2 stroke.

    If the bracket has a plug, take it out and see if water drains out. That bracket can hold a ton of water, figuratively, not literally.

    Install or replace scupper check valves.

    Your other options are getting a bracket with more flotation or a single 400 but I those might cost just a bit more.

    My 232 has a bad scupper check valve on the port side and this happens and that's with a single 225 Opti. I plan on changing it out this year when I get it out of the water.

    95 232 w/225 Opti Hollywood, FL


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      What type of bracket? I'm curious, because I'm looking at the same boat but I want a single on a bracket.

      Do you have scuppers that are working? Or, is the boat listing to the stern when everyone is in the back?


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        Here is my solution on a 246, modifying the old Gil bracket.


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