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115 Suzuki big enough

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  • 115 Suzuki big enough

    I just ran across a really good deal on an 08 115 Suzuki with 200 hours. It’s hard not to buy for what the guy is asking. I’m debating on throwing it on my 20. Will it be enough for the boat to actual perform? I know I can prop it low enough to work but will it be worth a damn like that.

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    It should certainly get you from point A to point B but you won't set any speed records. I used to have a 19 with a 115 and it wasn't to bad. My brother has a 20 with a 125 on it and it does alright, moves the boat along without any issue. I have been out fishing on his boat with 4 guys and I never thought it was a dog. 10 less horsepower should not be a massive difference. Especially since his motor is old and tired. If speed is not your concern with the right prop it should work ok.

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      i think you will be fine. if not you sell it and make a profit. then use the proceeds to buy what you need Good luck
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