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21 mako with to heavy yamaha?

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  • 21 mako with to heavy yamaha?

    hey guys any suggestions to my problem which is my 21 mako with ayamaha 250 with jack plate is to heavy as when you walk to the stern water comes from deck scuppers flooding area any ideas or suggestions not including tearing into my 21 and removing foam? thanks in advance
    jerry king

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    Most boats with scuppers close to or under/partially under (like mine) are going to do this when you are in the cockpit. Mine does this but it's because the swing check valve on the port side is defective. The stbd side works just fine and controls water getting in the cockpit rather well.

    So check your valves and if you don't have any, add them.
    95 232 w/225 Opti Hollywood, FL