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2001 Mako 252 Center Console - Buyer Questions

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  • 2001 Mako 252 Center Console - Buyer Questions


    Looking at a 2001 Mako 252 powered w/ twin Yamaha 150s w/ ~ 350 hrs.

    Pretty impressive hull. Tons of room, redic high gunwales. I know it eats chop! I see this boat every day I go fishing as it's next to mine @ the slip. I know it's huge, but I never been onboard.

    Use would be in Delaware, out of Indian River Inlet - offshore / inshore ocean.

    I currently run my 18'er all abouts it has to be pretty flat to be able to go at a decent speed without smashing.

    I am getting older and sick of having to pick my days hoping the NOAA robot calls for "..seas...2 feet or less.."

    Inspecting the boat soon and had some questions - I'll take any info I can get:
    1. Is it an aluminum fuel tank in this model?
      1. Any special inspection criteria or opportunities with this hull? Good access? Is sender easy to get at?
    2. Any spec sheets for this year and make? Would love to know the safety sticker numbers.
    3. Is fuel cap 140 gals? If not, what is it?
    4. Has anyone replaced the fold-up helm seat?
      1. It's missing, but looks easy to fabribcobble.
    5. How's helm seat held down? With threaded inserts or will I lose the nut if I unscrew the screws? Is it same for console?
    6. This 252 is wood transom and stringers, right?
    7. I never had a boat w/ the big, huge hatch over the center - like in stripers, etc - Is that thing sealed shut or is that an access point?
      1. Sealed like 5200 sealed, 4200 sealed, caulk sealed, or gasket sealed?
    8. Any deck or stringer diagrams available?
      1. I see the main sites down for now. Looking to know if I wanted to drill into stuff for mounting etc..
    9. How's the bilge access? All thru hull reachable?
    10. Are the factory tabs hydraulic or electric? Are they some common brand / model in case I need parts?
    11. The in-floor fishboxes drain where?
      1. Macerator, thru hull, bilge?
    12. Are the in-floor compartments gasketed?
    13. Any things else I should be doing?
      1. Getting a legit survey from a SAMS surveyor. First time ever doing this, but they seem sharp.. Def passed my smell test so far..
    I been doing my research and I some ideas for some of the questions above. I'm not scared to get my hands dirty as I run a 1996 boat and motor - but I'm also really not into a total project (stringers, transom).

    Here's what I think know about this, from my internet research:
    The ride on this hull is crazy smooth. 23-degree deadrise. w/ the twin 4-stroke 150s - it'll cruise around 25-29 knots. Max speed not blazing at like mid 30s. Those motors also pull the ass down a bit, so backing down gets shoes wet - same for the scuppers. Fuel tank is what it is @ 20 yrs, it may or may not need a pull and no easy way to tell. I may not smell gas at all even if it's leaking low. Didn't hear much about the electrical, but no worries. Some possible stuff about the deck to hull seal..

    You know - there's never any win-win or something that is like 100% affirmative when you do anything, but the 2001 252 is DEF a fishing machine w/ just enough wife-able qualifications (t-top, shame shitter, better ride) to really get my interest up.

    Thank you all for all of your time and effort spent posting and answering questions for people. This seems like a wonderful community and I am hoping that, if anything, this post can yield answers for many other people beside myself.

    New poster - maybe new Mako owner,