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    1981 mako 224. I want to use it for crabbing. What’s the smallest outboard I can put on the boat. Looking to do 25mph

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    I would not go less than a 200, as these are heavy hulls, and I doubt you would be pleased with less power.
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      Thanks. I had a 200 on there. I was looking to go smaller. Speed is not important. It did 40 with a 200 Suzuki


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        You might get away with a 150, but you might not be happy if you can't get it up on plane. Then there are some props out there that will really provide a lot of lift to help that out. I don't know outboard history very well but a 150hp may have been a common motor for that size and then at some time in the early 80's outboards changed from being rated at the crank and rated at the prop. So a 150 today could be on par with a 175 then.
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          I ran a 224 with 2 different motors, both were 200, and I consider that the minimum for that hull. I know you said speed not important, but I think a 150 will struggle to plane, be a hard on the motor, and if you ever decide to sell will make it hard to sell.
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            Just to play devil’s advocate a bit... if you really want to go with a 150, I’d get a high blade area prop and under prop the boat a bit. You should be able to offset the main drawbacks of the lower hp rating that way and get a reasonable rpm cruise at 25.

            But overall, I think you’ll be happier with a 200 over time.
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              Sorry no experience on your hull, but i had an earlier 22 with a lighter published hull weight and smaller fuel tank... i think same or a bit less deadrise.

              On that hull 150 2s was very under powered. Would cruise abt 22mph reaching ~27-30mph top speed when light. But the problem was it always struggled to plane off with a load. It was really under powered with that motor, IMO.

              Repowered with 200 4s and it was very good performance for me, about 25mph cruise 40mph top end. If I was starting over i would never put less than 175 on it.
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