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    SO! I currently am a proud father of a very bratty and spoiled Mako 295 from 1998, but my Dad currently owns a 2003 232 mako. The dilemma is that the 232 has a large hunk of shit called a Mercury 250 EFI hanging off the back that blew a hole into its own block last month and needs to be replaced, but my Dad doesn't have the cash to do the repower (we were thinking of a 250 Suzuki) and we decided that one of the boats has to go. The 295 has twin 250 yamaha two strokes and burns through fuel like hell. The 232 is a great boat but I can't justify $4,000 for a new old motor, but I also dont have the funds to run the 295 as much as i want to. I'm asking really if anybody is interested in a 295 but also if there is any advice for fixing this old motor. (2003 Mercury 250 EFI Saltwater)

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    If you are asking if you should sell your boat to pay for a new engine for your dad's boat? No one here can answer that for you. That's a pretty personal question/decision to make between you and your dad.

    That being said, i think the cheapest option, would probably be to find a similar era/model Merc 250 in as good as shape as you can (at the very least with an intact block and rotating assembly). Swap the motors. Sell off the old block for scrap metal if you want to get a few bucks back. Keep everything else as spare parts.
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      Yeah swap the power head or get a rebuilt one, should be less than 4K. Or buy a good condition used motor and swap the best parts.