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2003 Mako 314 questions

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  • 2003 Mako 314 questions

    Good evening,
    I own a 2003 314 Cuddy down in the Virgin Islands. I'm coming up on the end of season and will have some projects to do. A big one is replacing the switch panel at the console. I can't seem to find a replacement anywhere so it looks like I'm going to need to fabricate it. Anyone have any experience with this or have some pics of their new panel? Also have to mess around with plenty of electrical gremlins and some plumbing issues w/ the livewells and the head. Anyone have any diagrams for electrical or piping/plumbing? Thanks everyone.


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    You may get lucky and find a new panel at Marine Connection in Ft Pierce, FL. Suggest you post pictures of the current panel form multiple sides on here. I usually run up there a couple times per year, and I am sure other Mako owners do as well. I have a '98 333 Attack and they have a complete dash instrumentation insert for my model there, along with two replacement windsheilds. I have to think other guys on this site go up regularly as well and would take a look for you.