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Mako 232 (full transom) - 1995-96 vs 1997-98

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  • Mako 232 (full transom) - 1995-96 vs 1997-98

    Good evening all. I’m a long time Mako fan and this is my first post here. After growing up on my dad’s 1977 Mako 20, I finally have a young family of my own and am in the market for our first boat.

    I’ve always been told that the Schwebke Makos (1996 and before) are better boats which is why I’m in the market for either a 1995 or 1996 Mako 232 (full transom). However, when I pull pictures of the 1997 and 1998 232, it appears to be the same exact hull. My question is whether, given the change in ownership, there is any real difference between the 1997-98 232 Hull’s and those produced in 1995-96.

    Thank you for any insight you can provide.


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    Originally posted by Triple Bogey View Post
    Total of three generations.

    Model Years 1967-1996.(The Schwebkes)

    Model years 1996-1998 became a public company known as Mako Marine International but the Schwebkes were no longer involved

    Mid year 1998 to present Tracker Marine bought the parent company and took back private.

    Hope that helps

    Originally posted by Triple Bogey View Post
    Here it is in a nut shell. Hurricane Andrew took the roof off the factory in August 1992. It took six months to get back into production. Our insurance company declined our claim. We struggled for two years to get our feet under us again and decided that going public was our best option of keeping "Mako" a family business. We went public in August 1995 but due to a bad second quarter right in front of the offering we had to give up control to the partners that took us public. Dad and I were removed within a week of going public and they installed industry people to make a new "Mako". Within Two years the stock was delisted and Tracker bought all the stock and has owned ever sense. It was not our intention to have anybody but our family run the company but even with our best intentions sometimes things do not always work as planned.In hindsight maybe we could of done things different but down deep we just wanted to build great boats, take them fishing with friends and family and make memories that lasted a lifetime.

    These are quotes from the Mako History Q & A sticky posted above. I believe later in the thread Brett did discuss the couple years before Tracker took over. If I recall correctly not much changed to the models during that time, but it was assumed there were manufacturing changes. That said if I was looking I would examine and still consider. If that is the hull you are focused on you also need to know the '92-'94 221B is the exact same hull that was rebadged 232 in '95.
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      Thanks for the reply - the 221b is also on my list for the reason you mentioned, but I knew that was definitely a Schwebke boat which is why I didn’t mention it. So I guess I can assume the 97 and 98 models are substantially similar with some possible manufacturing changes.

      By the way, was there ever such thing officially known as a 232B? The Mako company website doesn’t show a model specifically labeled 232B, just a 232 with “full transom” (although they do show a 221B).