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  • more info needed please

    I bought this boat in 1993 from a "used boat dealer" in SC. It had an '84 Johnson 140 on the back, a soft transom, more scuffs and bruises than I could count, but I wanted it. I knew nothing of boats at the time, I wanted a project. And I got it. Of course she didn't look this good when I brought her home. I still have her. Now, I have started a total rebuild on her and realized I didn't know that much about her. I know she's a Mako. The title says '68. The hull ID only has 7 digits. Can anyone shed some information as to model? Is the year accurate? Click image for larger version

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    How long is it? It could be one of the original Mako 19, not exactly rare but an excellent boat in just about any water. Its got a decent fuel tank (32) and huge amounts of deck-space. Its also Ungodly wide (8') and super stable.

    Weight (Dry) : 1400 lbs
    Length: 18' 7"
    Draft : 8"


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      Yep, sure looks like an early model Mako 19... most likely a 68 or 69 model year from the description of the hull id tag and the image you posted.

      If you type in "1968 1969 Mako 19" in the search bar, you will find previous threads with more information that will help you connect the dots.

      Good luck with your ClassicMako and be sure to start a thread in the project section sharing your progress.

      A wise man once said, "Son... if it has tits, tires or a transom... sooner or later it's gonna give you problems." -the old man

      1972 Classic Mako 19


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        Thanks for the reponses. Yes its 19' in length and 8' wide. I repalced the transom 15 years ago and its been a fine boat. However, last summer i had an issue with the bow dropping at WOT. After lenghty web searches and failed motor adjustment, i looked below deck and found broken stringers.
        now, she has been gutted and the rebuild has begun. It is a labor of love. Thanks for your help!


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          Finally, stringers and bulkheads are glassed in. Plumbing and conduit are in progress. Then foaming. As I ponder decking, i want as much strength and longevity as possible, so my question is: fiberglassing all surfases and edges before installation or resin coating the bottom and edges before installation. Your thoughts and comments are appreciated.