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  • Rod holder covers (?)

    I'd like to keep my original rod holders but cannot find a cover that fits the hole. I keep the boat stored outside and I'm concerned rainwater is getting into the hull and possibly saturating the foam - especially from the more forward rod holders. i think the rear ones drain to bilge. I know i get water into the gas tank compartment (the coffin) even though the lid is sealed and caulked.

    I'm just looking for something to cover the holes while the boat is not in use. Any suggestions?
    Matt221[br]\'89 Mako 221 w/ Zuke 250[br]\'77 Mako 17\' Angler (under construction)[br]Auburn,AL[br]

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    Google Perko 9-48DPLK cap and gasket. Several shapes and suppliers are available.

    Yes, I believe that rain water and wash down water get into the tank coffin. For years I kept I kept getting water on top of the tank. I could see it collect at the sight gage for the rear tank following a rain event. The hatch and the deck plate over the gage were sealed so I felt confident that they were not the source.

    Below the fuel fill fixtures are rubber hoses that connect to aluminum tube lines that drop down within the gunwhale and turn under the deck to service the tanks. This photo is taken through the fill inspection plate on my hull.

    I don't know how your 221 is set up but it probably has inspection plates over the fuel fill fixture connection as well as over the vent fixture connection. The photo below is taken through the vent inspection plate looking aft. The aluminum tube lines on the left and rubber hoses at the top service the through hull vent fixtures below the rub rail. The rubber hoses for the fills are in the distance and barely visable. The foam at the bottom forms a pair of channels that funnel rainwater from rod holders aft. My boat has two rod holders forward of this photo on each gunwale. They are set ninety-degrees to centerline for drift fishing. Their bottoms are over the channel on the left. Rain was being funneled to the vent tube lines and the fill tube lines.

    My vent tube lines below the deck and over tank. One line is corroded through, the other almost through.

    Fill and vent lines photo from other CM members posts.

    I believe that water migrates along the aluminum lines. Over the years there may be a separation of the aluminum/foam bond due to vibration or deterioration. The channels within the gunwhale created by the foam push water to that seperation and into the coffin.

    Just my opinion, but I believe it's correct.
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      Great answer Flounder. Thanks. Yes, there is a cut out in the coffin box where the gas and vent lines go from the gunnel into the coffin box where water can migrate into the box. also, there are circular cut-outs in the box from the factory for foam to be sprayed which are not covered with foam where water can come thru. i will google the perko caps. Thanks again!
      Matt221[br]\'89 Mako 221 w/ Zuke 250[br]\'77 Mako 17\' Angler (under construction)[br]Auburn,AL[br]


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        Flounder nailed it .... the perko cap and gasket kits fit original mako rod holders...

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          Click image for larger version

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ID:	543748 Can you post a pic of your rod holders? Or at least tell me if mine are the same as yours? I have a 171 but I imagine they're all the same...
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