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Mako Hullside/Model Placards

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  • Mako Hullside/Model Placards

    Most of you know by now that I've been making Mako hull placard reproductions for a few years now. These are reproductions and are not exact duplicates. They are reproductions of the placards made in the mid 1990s. They are slightly different in some minor dimensions. But they look great and will cover the rivet holes. Mako had several different placards over the years, so replicating all of them would be impossible. I have a standard size that I make that is roughly 3.25" tall at the M. The overall length varies with the different models. I have made a few sets for Mako owners that wanted to go larger than the standard size (depending on how large, the price may change a little). I can make placards for any model, and I've made them for nearly every model now.

    The placards are made from 1/8” outdoor quality engraving stock. They are as durable as the OEM placards were, which some of you may know those were not very impact resistant. Basically anything that will gouge your hull side will also harm these placards. They are backed with 3M body molding adhesive, and I put 2 small screw holes in for added holding. I supply the screws. Screws can be deleted if you like. They can certainly be customized in the tag line with your boat name if you like. The shark and/or accent line can be deleted if you like a look more similar to the 70’s-80’s placards.

    The placards are $100/pair (2) for black/white and $110/pair (2) for colors. Shipping for continental USA and Puerto Rico is included in those prices, shipping elsewhere will have an additional cost. There is a chart of colors that will be posted below. Small additions and deletions do not cost extra. Custom artwork or modifications will have additional cost on a case by case basis. Turnaround time is about 2 weeks right now... unless the corona-apocalypse changes things. I can be reached best by email at [email protected]

    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance

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    Great to see a new thread on your placards with available colors. Will be ordering a pair soon when I get a little further down the line on my Angler restoration.


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      I love the placards you made me for my 17! Going to order for the 25 real soon.
      from Tampa, FL

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        Some Misc Items I've made for CM guys recently. Many of these things can be made in any of the engraving materials I use for placards and panels.

        Shark. 1/8" brushed stainless veneer over black acrylic. 6.75" x 4". Price varies with size. $20 each +shipping as shown.

        Mako oval 1/8" brushed stainless veneer over black acrylic Medallion. Size 7.75" x 3.75". Price varies with size. As shown is $25 +shipping.

        Oval 1/8" ClassicMako Medallion. Size 7.75" x 3.75". Price varies with size. As shown is $25 +shipping.

        Mako oval 1/4" acrylic reverse engraved Medallion. Size 7.75" x 3.75". Price varies with size. As shown is $40 +shipping.

        Fish Rulers. Up to 24" are $55 shipped or $50 when combined with other items.

        Switch Label plate for the OEM resessed switch panels. $35 shipped
        Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance