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Fuel line permits no movement with suction out 2007 171

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  • Fuel line permits no movement with suction out 2007 171

    3/23/20: I have a 2007 Mako 171 with a model year 2006 Evinrude ETEC 90. I went to pump out the tank because of deteriorated, bad, gas and found that with the gas line disconnected near the motor, and before a Racor water separating fuel filter, my fuel line is completely inoperable, no fuel out no air in. My thoughts are that the anti siphon device is stuck closed, the fuel pick up is clogged, or the fuel line is clogged. Is there an anti siphon device on this boat, if so where? Has anyone else encountered this? If so, what was the remedy. Thanks!!! Jdb

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    I found it. The ball valve that screws into the fuel pick up block was impacted with crud. I unscrewed the valve and cleaned it but the threads don’t look healthy so I’d like to replace it with a new OEM part, but I cannot find that particular part, aluminum body ball valve with 3/8 barb and 1/4 NPT. Mako has used this part forever if anyone knows where I can find a new one please respond . Thx. In the meantime I’ll use an inline aluminum anti siphon valve.