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1992 Mako 171 Rodholder Angle

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  • 1992 Mako 171 Rodholder Angle

    I need to replace my original rod holders. It looks like replacement options are 30 or 15 degrees. I think my stock ones were somewhere in between. (It is possible my measurement wasn't accurate.) I am guessing I'll go with the 30 degree ones but wanted to know if anyone knew or had suggestions.

    I'd also appreciate any specific brand/model recommendations.


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    Why are you replacing the originals?
    I was just about to throw mine away last week then I hit them with 100, 150, 300, 400 grit sandpaper and then a scrotchbright pad. Then one final pass with 150 grit for that brushed look. This is not the final product but you can see the difference. They now look incredible! And they're original and have the little shark on them too


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      a cloth buffing wheel from Harbor Freight with some of that white paste works wonders as well.
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        Before and after. Bench grinder buffing wheel and metal polishing compound bars.
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          Thanks guys, but I am replacing it because the tube was corroded and broke completely free from the flange. When it happened one of my trolling rods went overboard. Luckily I had a safety cord on it. Please let me know what you guys think for a replacement.


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            Just wanted to follow up in case anyone else needs the info. The original rod holders were about 27 degrees. I am guessing that 30 degree replacements should be fine. Click image for larger version

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