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    So this wont work?

    Cannot connect the existing deck drains to those holes without fittings in the transom? Seems like the PO had that in mind but there must be a reason he didn't finish it.

    The idea behind deck drains is to get rid of a lot of water fast in case you take a wave or something. You idea might drain water off the deck but it would be slow.
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      The hole are 3/4” equals 1.5” total. They won’t shed much more water than a single 1”. Point is if you take let’s say 500 gallons suddenly over the rail, neither is gonna help a lot. In your boat, you would be in a better situation due to not having a enclosed transom. Honestly if I had all that weight in the boat I would much rather it be in the bilge than trying to drain it off the deck (lower center of gravity). Our boats don’t have enough freeboard to truly self bale like a commercial boat. Not trying to argue, just my thoughts.


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        We also have a Mako 250 with open transom like TC. Water on deck drain thru the deck scuppers on each side of the deck which have two 1" thru transom with rubber flaps which drain directly out the stern. Your present set up only has the two 3/4" deck drains which drain into your bilge, Our fishboxes drain directly into the bilge which we modified from Mako original three shutoff valve set up thru the masecator to starboard gunnel thru hull. (Looking to add a separate fishbox drain box with pump). The holes which you show in picture were for livewell and hull drains. We added a shutoff valve in the livewell overflow drain because the scupper drain are below water level which backfilled the livewell. TC removed all old soaked foam in his project and the drains are above the waterline. Consider adding a backup bilge pump to assist in removing the additional water from the deck drains. If you were to re-install the lower transom scupper drains which would be below the waterline, which you don't want. Granted while on way the water would drain but not ideal situation.

        PS: TC - Dave how did your fishbox drain enclosure work out? I looked back at your project and saw that you added one to your bilge but didn't see any follow up on it's operation.
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