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  • New Mako 171 Owner

    I bought a 1986 Mako 171 about a month ago and thought I'd share some pictures and possibly update as I get some of the things I want to do to it done down the line.

    So far I've taken the bow rail off and started the arduous process of cleaning her up. The previous owner took decent care of her but needed some serious elbow grease to bring it back to life so hopefully that'll pay off with some good memories in the years to come.

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    Congrats on coming to the dark side of your wallet LOL. Looks like you've got the Gasparilla ship behind you so that means you're in the Tampa area. There are lots of guys on here in this area that can help with building the lids. I think I'd personally rather have the glassed lids than starboard. I think they'd look better but I've not seen any that were done well out of starboard. I know that there's a difference between doing something and doing something well. I'm a metal guy so it's all Greek to me. Good luck on the new boat.
    '90 Tuppens 231 Polk City, FL