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    Well I ordered a new tank today. Bought it from KSH in AZ. The price was around $900. I did call a couple other places Caldwell in MS wanted $1600.00 FL Marine tanks wanted $1200. SPtanks wanted $800.00. I talked to all the mfg. FL Marine tanks had an advantage because they still make the tanks for Mako and had all the specs. I was not comfortable with SPtanks not sure why just a gut feeling and I was not sure the tanks were marine certified. I think they told me they were but sometimes you just get a feeling. Also I was talking to them about my pickup tubes and they had no clue what I was talking about when I mentioned the pickup tubes are in the front of the tank with a 90 degree bend to get to the fuel in the rear of the tank. The pickup tubes they put in are just straight. When I talked to KSH he just semed to know exactly what I was talking about. I did decide to move the pickup tubes to the rear of the tank and use straight tubes. I just have to cut a new access hole in the rear. Well now after this one is installed I will pull the Aux tank and do it all over again. It's amazing how much you learn doing this stuff. And between all of you there is a hell of a lot of information and brain power. Thanks again for all the help.
    Ray Burger[br]Cajun Custom Rods[br]1984 Mako 254[br]Denham Springs

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    I'm not sure you want to relocate the pick up tube. I believe you need to pick up from the front of the tank when your at rest, and also at displacement speeds. Check out your water line (for a level reference) versus the tank bed. That will help you visualize what your going to need.

    My comments are about the main tank only. I believe your front tank should have a rear pick up. Again, check out the slope of the tank bed and you'll know.
    Ole Joe
    Just floundering around
    White Hall, Maryland
    1978 Mako 25