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I did some housekeeping tonight

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  • I did some housekeeping tonight

    I hope everyone is doing well and has found their way back. I finally got some time to sit and figure this forum software out for some rearranging of the topics and consolidation of the forums. Hopefully now its easier to navigate and use. I have the spammer situation under control for now. Please let me know when something like that pops up. This platform should now be secure and full of potential for future changes and additions. I hope the community finds it useful and easy to use.

    Take care.

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    Thanks for all you do Ed....TWO thumbs up!!!
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      dig it! Closer to the older style! Keep up the good work!


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        Thanks cmadmin for the time you spend re-doing the site!!


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          I like this forum software you are using now for this forum. It's the same software another forum I am a member of uses. I find it to be very user friendly and easy to use. I am glad you went with it...Charlie
          Greetings from Lake Hopatcong NJ[br]