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Water in hull

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  • Water in hull

    I have 2007 mako 234 and I am getting lots of water inside the hull, I was out just running the boat for about 2 hours and had about 15 gallons of water drain out is this normal

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    I am a new owner to a used mako I am also new to this forum so and advice would be greatly appreciated


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      no!, you likely have water leaking in at a hose connection below the water line. Not familair with the later boats like yours but you could be getting leakage from the baitwell into the bilge.


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        yes not normal, has to be a fitting, hose, baitwell valve, sea cock broken somewhere, need to find it


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          Had the same problem for months,bilge pump kept coming on under way and at dock....ours is a 1996 Mako Shark 201........we checked every hose/fitting/drains/ scupper.......the alas!!.....the screwed on covers that cover the trim tabs was the culprit,one of the screws on the Port cover that goes into the transom was loose,you'd be amazed the amount of water that enters the bilge just through a loose screw....hope you remedy your problem..........You could plug all the drains on your transom,put a garden hose to the main deck drains,fill them just enough,get a flashlight,stick your head in the bilge and check the hose fittings,,,do the same with your bait tank etc.....Good Luck!