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  • Gas Tank Size?

    Hello. I have a 1989 211. Love the boat! After multiple years of not accepting the fact that I need a new gas tank, this will now be my spring project. I would like to order the new tank before digging the tank out of my boat. Sounds like there can be a couple week wait time on a new tank. I have been thinking of going with a Moeller plastic tank. They have a 70 gallon tank on wholesale marine that I like the looks of. My tank now is 86 gallons. I typically trailer my boat is why I would like to go down in size. It would also make the winterizing process easier. I have also thought about putting a 30 gallon tank under my consol. Safety makes me not want to do that. However I had my gas tank under my old Maritime 1890’s consol years ago and never had any problems. Batteries were not in there though.

    Wondering if anyone knows the coffin box dimensions for my 211? Don’t want to order the wrong size tank. Also any thoughts on the Moeller tanks? And I live in CT.

    Thanks ahead of time for any thoughts / suggestions. I appreciate the guidance!
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    Get it out and put an aluminum one in. I’m in PA and called lots of tri state area tanks fab guys. I ended up going with sunshine marine tanks in medley Florida. Price was reasonable to local, quality was better, they had dimensions and most of all they supported the classic mako community .

    If someone were to buy your boat down the road and see it’s a smaller tank it would most likely hurt retail. I’ve seen and read exact same concerns and comments as yours. Best recommendation is do it right first time and don’t cut just to save a few dollars. Other ways to save dollars don’t do it on fuel tanks

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      Thank you for the info! I didn’t think about resale and tank size. I will probably never sell her. My wife wouldn’t let me buy another! I will reach out to the place in Florida you recommended. Wondering if you had a negative experience with the Moeller tanks? They have larger ones that would be close to my 86 gallon tank now.

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    I would pull the tank and get the exact dimensions from it. I put a new tank in my 25 this fall. I used Patriot Marine Fabricating in NJ. Great guys, overbuild their tanks and the price was very fair. Like Brando said I would not go down in size, I dont see an upside. If you are concerned about weight while trailering just dont fill it up all the way.

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      Thank you for the info. Appreciate it. The responses here have made me rethink the smaller tank. Curious though if anyone here has had bad experiences with the Moeller tanks though? Was thinking of just going with one of those but very similar to my current tank size.