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Mako 248 cabin window frame resto

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  • Mako 248 cabin window frame resto


    I needed some info on what I can do about restoring the window frames in the cabin of my old 248. Love the boat but it’s old and a bit tired. I’m slowly restoring things one bit at a time. The windows are a task and they appear to be a sealed frame making it hard to pull apart to powder coat or work on. Does anyone know how to manage this task or find replacements if necessary...?

    I’d post photos but I’m in NYC and my boat is in CT...

    Im also looking to do the same for my windshield.


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    I believe most people on the site have used oceans design or ocean dynamics, cant remember the name. There are several threads on here about it.
    1998 253 W/A Suzuki 300


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      Thanks... I think they are who I called in the end....


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        Cabin windows are easy to get apart.
        screwed in just need to break the seal. I had mine powder coated localy in PA then shipped to chuck with ocean dynamics to glass work etc. 10 years later I got some bubbling coming through on windshield. No big deal. One thing I Wish I would of done that TC did was raise top frame for better lign of site
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          Thanks yeah ocean dynamics has the windows and they are rebuilding and powder coating them. Not cheap but needed to be done... if I get the windshield done I will likely extend up as you mentioned... if I don’t buy a new boat first... but I seem to be attached to the 248...