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fuel fill hose collapsed

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  • fuel fill hose collapsed

    On my 86 20 mako the fuel fill line has collapsed. Has anyone removed and replaced the fuel fill hose W/O removing console and tank? If so how?
    bill lawton

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    in the middle of the large deck plate that hides the fuel tank, my 20c has a small deck plate that lets one see the fuel file tube and tank inlet on the top of the fuel tank., or would if the inlet wasn't covered with foam.
    but i'm not sure you can get to that small plate with the console on.
    i pulled the console (a major PITA), pulled the large deck plate and am engaged in digging out the foam in preparation to pull that 40 year old tank. i'll replace the fill lines at the same time.
    \'79 20\'[br]savannah


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      Probably not possible. Those lines tend to have a lot of foam around there. Even with everything off it's a pain, I just did the tank and fill lines on a 25. The vent and fill lines were not fun to remove.

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