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Questions on 2001 Mako 171 CC

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  • Questions on 2001 Mako 171 CC

    I have found a 2001 Mako 171 CC for a pretty good price that I am very tempted to buy. As a kid in the early 70's I spent my summers on Cape Cod in a Mako and remember it as a really great boat (we had it for close to 20 years). Has Mako maintained its quality over the years?

    I recently moved to Miami, and have found the boating to be quite different here vs. New England. Is this a good boat for South Florida?

    Also, the boat I have found is in pretty good shape but there are a few things about that I want to replace to get it back in perfect shape and was hoping to get advice on availability before buying:

    - The hinge on the seat cushion in front of the CC is corroded and its connection to the seat cushion seems to be rotted out. I would need to replace the whole seat cushion and hinge. Is this readily available?

    - The CC wind shield is scratched and has some cracks. Are replacements easy to find? How expensive are they?

    - The front of the center console below the instrument housing appears to have an opening for a locker but there are no locker doors, only a plastic cover. Would it be easy to replace the plastic cover with locker doors and are they available?

    - The engine is a 115 HP Tracker by Mercury with a manufacture date of 2000. Is this likely the original engine? Is there any difference between the Tracker and a normal Mercury engine that I should know about?