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Very Low RPM in Reverse

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  • Very Low RPM in Reverse

    Hello all! I have been following the site for several months, as the Mako is the best boat out there. I still remember fishing my grandfather's Mako 20 in the early 70's, so when I went to find a boat of my own, I went out and got the same thing (funny how good memories can affect your judgement[]).

    I don't know if I like Annie 2 or Rude Attitude best, but if either turn up missing, I swear it wasn't me!![] Steven (Hungone), I'm in your neighborhood, and you seem to have done it all, so I may try to contact you for specific questions. And honestly, MichiganDave, is there anything you don't know about a motor!?[]

    My issue today is with my throttle, I think. I have a 1995 Johnson 150 Ocean Runner (bought in Deltaville, VA!), with a Morse MT-3 single lever throttle. Before I repowered, I had a 1976 Johnson 140. With both engines, I would experience very low rpms in reverse gear, often having trouble getting the boat to slide off the trailer (yeah, but you should see how shallow the ramp is over here). Anyway, what adjustments could/should be made to fix this, or do I need to replace the throttle? I like the classic looks, but it just isn't hacking the mission.

    Thanks to all for the great suggestions to other folks issues. This really is the best site I have found for boat repair on the web!
    [br]2003 Sea Hunt 232 Triton[br]1976 Mako 20 - Sold

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    Welcome aboard, my best guess is the problem is in your throttle controll. By design most of those controlls limet the amount of reverse throttle for safty reasons. pull your throttle out and look it over to see if you can tell whats limiting its travel. Sometimes its a mounting bolt or washer interfering. If the throttle arm has more than one hole in it move the throttle pivit pin out to the outmost hole. this will give you more throttle action(in reverse and forward) hope this helps. dave.
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      Brian welcome to the club, I'll try and help what ever way I can but be warned that my knowledge is extremely basic compared to some of the other guys on here. One thing I can do is follow directions and these guys can definately give good directions if you ask.
      Steven[br]1978 Powercat 232[br]One flat broke, the other almost ready to float!!![br]Atlanta, GA