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261 vs 261-B

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  • 261 vs 261-B

    261 vs 261-B?

    Is there a difference in ride, performance, economy, etc. Does a bracket help or hurt? I like the fact that the transom is closed on the 261-B. Any problems with either model? Which is best year?


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    I prefer the 261-b, and though I havent ridden in one, I cant imagine the bracket would do anything but improve overall performance (ride, safety, comfort, possibly fuel economy).
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      If you can find a 261B that does not have issue with the stingers delaminating from the transom consdier buying it. I looked and looked with no sucess. I ended up buying a 261 and adding a bracket. The 261b does not have the big fishboxes in the rear so it opens the stern area up for more fishing room.
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