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  • 1990 Mako 250

    Hello, new member to website but a frequent lurker and current member over on tht. I posted this over there with very little response and I'm hoping you guys can help me out.

    I just started looking at above boat for sale and wanted to know if anyone has one and if so, thoughts. It's an older boat but appears to be well maintained with new wiring and fuel tank/hoses and more electronics than I would need. It has same year twin Yammy 200's, supposedly low hours. Before you ask how much, I'm not even sure what owner is thinking at this point but right now I'm just trying to decide if it's worth a harder look.

    A little on my needs: I am looking for a 23-35' with cuddy, considering WA and pilothouse style. I will use it to fish Delaware Bay, back bay and ocean up to 20-30 miles (usually less, sometimes more). I even crab some with the kids so I need a versatile ride.

    This Mako is older than I was originally thinking, but if it is a quality hull and the right price, I could repower and still be within my price tolerance for a boat that age as long as I think she'll last a long while. I couldn't find much on classicmako for the 250 model.

    A survey guy I know did survey not long ago and spoke highly of it.

    A concern of mine (a big one for wife) is the relatively low notched transom. I can envision a wave in the rips I plan to fish coming through that inviting target. It does have a starboard door installed to prevent wave intrusion but my wife is not impressed, especially with kids aboard.

    Also, the gunnel at about amidships on this style boat seems to narrow in width before you get to the forward walkaround area. That narrowed area seems less sturdy than I would have expected, don't know if that's to be expected or a concern.

    Lastly, not crazy about the amount of cockpit space as the helm seating is set back kinda far and also has back to back seating that eats into space.

    I guess what I'm saying is I am looking for my next boat to be a keeper for a number of years (with expectation to repower if I get an older boat) and wanted to get other opinions about this model. At the right price, certain layout nits can be accepable as long as she'll last, I suppose.

    It did have water-filled floor fish boxes. Didn't look too close with time I had but that did give me pause. I quick-checked bilge area and it seemed dry. Is it from rain water or what? How do you address that or can you? It seemed like a lot of water, no doubt adding to the low transom profile.

    I'll be giving it a closer look and maybe sea trial this weekend so any more thoughts or things to look for are appreciated!

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    The low transom combined with non-sealed in-deck fish boxes can prove disastrous (my Mako sank at the dock partially due to this layout), however 99% of the time it will not be an issue. The fish boxes/livewell can be made watertight, in which case a low transom is not an issue. It is a low transom coupled with holes in the floor/gunnels/moterwell that water can seep into the bilge which causes the problem.

    Still, I do not think that alone is a reason to not buy the boat. I love my Mako; it gives an awesome, dry ride, and is tough for its size. But, if I had my druthers, I would not have an open transom or the in-deck livewell. And, with little kids, I can see prefering a closed transom for added piece of mind. Life is full of compromises I suppose. Not an answer I suppose, just both sides of the fence.

    The gunnel issue--I'd have to see a pic, but I dont think it poses an issue.
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      Thanks for the reply, it was very helpful.

      The water intrusion is definitely an issue for me, though the boat apparently has hard wired high water bilge alarms and 2 pumps, even so, I think that would always concern me unless it was corrected. I am having a hard time with the general transom layout too, the fact that it is so low and that it eats up a fair amount of cockpit space.

      Would you know if the cuddy version (not WA) of this '89 boat also has the water issue? I saw a nice one and was wondering about that. Also, the cuddy version has a thicker gunnel area amidships because there is no walk well in cuddy. And Ihe cockpit layout a little better.

      Thks for your insights, really appreciate it!


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        Cuddy version? I'm confused. The only cuddy 80s 25' Mako that I am aware of is a WA...
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          Can't figure out how to attach a pic of the mako without WA well, but the boat is in Yachtworld

          He calls his boat a 250 Cuddy.



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            Now compare that to the boat I'm loking at that's a WA version and you'll see what I mean about the gunnel difference.




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              Those are both technically Walkarounds...

              The gunnel on the 2nd boat is quite thin...I frankly dont know whether it's anything to worry about, but the bottom line is that if it makes you uneasy, I wouldnt get it.

              It sounds to me like your gut reaction to this rig is negative, in which case I'd keep looking. I can guarantee you that any boat will cost you alot of money in upkeep, and if you are uneasy about it when you buy it, you'll only grow to resent it.
              ROGUE I[br]1978 235 CC[br]Newburyport, MA[br]ROGUE II[br]1987 17\' Montauk[br]Camden, ME[br]


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                Good feedback Justin, thks.