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Sympathies to the Schwebke family

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  • Sympathies to the Schwebke family

    From Brett Schwebke:

    Hello All

    I wanted to share with the Classic Mako family that my father passed away yesterday morning. He was 85 years old and had been battling Alzheimer's since 2008. While his memory had robbed him of his Mako memories he passed with his family surrounded by photos of the Mako's he created. I shared this website with the stories and photos of our boats finding new life and it thrilled him to think that something he had started so long ago still mattered to people. Thank you all for letting him see the results of his labors from all those years ago. Mako owners have always been a special group to my family and I felt you would want to know that while he has now passed his legacy will always remain in the boats you fish and with the memories you make in them


    Brett & family. Please accept our deepest sympathies for the loss of your father. Your dad and your family were instrumental in building a much larger family on a world wide scale. Because of your father's passion for boating and family many of us here have cultivated great friendships and been able to share time with our family and other families that wouldn't have happened otherwise. Thoughts and prayers are with you guys.
    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance

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    Well said Eddie. Mr. Schwebke was certainly a pioneer and has impacted many generations of families. Our prayers for your family in your time of sorrow.
    1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
    1985 Mako 20c - sold
    Fort Walton Beach, FL


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      Very sorry for your family's loss. Thanks for sharing, Eddie. Thought and prayers for your family.
      Dave [br]Woodbury Heights, NJ[br]\'73 Mako 20[br]\'85 Mako 254[br][br]


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        I am so incredibly thankful for my Mako family.Thank you Mr Schwebke for all your hard work and know that your legacy lives on. Rest in piece sir.
        1985 Mako 21B w/ 2013 Yamaha F300[br] [br]1967 Boston Whaler 13\'[br]1971 Boston Whaler 13\'[br]Richmond Hill,GA[br]


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          I too am incredibly thankful, countless family memories made with my Mako. Rest in peace.
          David, New Kent, Va

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            So many memories and life lessons on our Mako had by me growing up and am passing on to my kids. Prayers go out to the Schwebke family
            Martin[br]McKinney, TX


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              Brett, All the Ruehl's extend to you and your family our deepest sympathy. Your family has added much joy to many other families and we are so grateful!


              Charles E. Ruehl, Sr.
              Sea Reel- 1977 Mako 25 SOLD
              Phe Phe's 17- 1978 Mako 17 Standard-in TX


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                Our Deepest sympathies Brett, and thanks so much for being a part of a wonderful family tradition of boating and family adventures. Your father was a Craftsman and a man of vision....

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                  Very sorry for your loss and as others have said your father's legacy is tremendous and one you should be very proud of.
                  ROGUE I[br]1978 235 CC[br]Newburyport, MA[br]ROGUE II[br]1987 17\' Montauk[br]Camden, ME[br]


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                    People are the legacy that the schwebke family leaves behind.

                    Hulls are fiberglass, the people are what makes it all work.

                    Thanks for such a legacy. God bless BWP
                    [br]Starcraft Bluewater 180, 1988[br]1996 Mercury 115 2+2 exlpto[br]Project Link:


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                      Your father's legacy will forever be embedded in the boating history books. Because of this he will be immortal.

                      You have my sympathies and best wishes.

                      Don Kim

                      Boca Raton, FL
                      [br]DonK[br]Boca Raton, FL[br]1979 236IB: \'The Fish Tank\'[br]1979 Backcountry 18 \'Boner\'[br]<>< <>< <>< <>< ><> J[br]Redneck Troubleshooting:[br]1) If it moves, but ain\'t supposed to, use Duct Tape[br]2) If it don\'t move, but supposed to, use WD40[br]3) If that don\'t fix it, it\'s electrical![br]


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                        Brett, my condolences go out to you and your family. Your dad was a great man and as already said his legacy will last indefinitely because of the wonderful boats he pioneered. The marine field just lost a great man.
                        Clyde[br]1978 Mako 23 IB[br]\"Shark Bait\" ***SOLD***[br]Kent Island, Md. [br]gone but not forgotten[br]Current Boat-1985 26Foot Shamrock Cuddy Cabin [br]Yanmar 4LHA-STE 230 HP Diesel Engine[br]


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                          Just let me be one more voice saying your Dad's work made memories for me, my brother, my kids, and his kids. Pretty awesome legacy. My condolences. I'm sorry.
                          Sold the 17\', moved to FL... I need a new handle.[br]1991 Jupiter 31, current project[br]2005 Everglades 243, sold[br]2012 Contender 23 Open sold[br]1989 Intrepid 246 WA--gone to Australia[br]1973 Mako 17--sold with regrets[br]1992 Mako 17--started it all[br]Pompano, FL


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                            Wow. A great life story and a great legacy.


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                              Condolences and prayers for your family Brett. Your dad was indeed a visionary in the boating industry.
                              Working for a livin\' is HIGHLY Over-Rated...[][br]