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  • new guy / big problems

    Hi all !

    I am the latest new member...Nice site thanks for all the work on the build out. I hope I can contribute simething here eventually. Right now it looks like I am going to need a whole lot of advice .

    My name is Ed Mehrman posting from Sarasota Florida. I have a 1978 angler 17 with a 1998 115 yamaha, the motor is fine...the boat .......well man where do I start .

    The boat "Kelly Sue" has been previously owned by a guide or two that have worked her pretty hard.

    I guess I have a project boat on my hands although it did not seem to start out that way.

    I noticed the gas vent over flowing an a few fuelings and sent up an alarm.

    I pulled the boat and noticed gas in the bilge....yikes !

    Upon further inspection it looks like the gas tank has to come out with the console coming off as well........I am not an engineer !

    HELP Do I try this myself? I need some advice...


    Ed Fish 7

    78 Angler 17 / 98 Yamaha 115 Sarasota Florida.

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    Welcome aboard, glad you noticed the fuel in the bildge before it became a fire. There have been several 17 owners on record having to replace there tanks from those years as well as other size makos.

    the salt does take its toll. Use the search feature and see what you can find on tank replacement. There are a few diferent paths you can take. It could also be your fill tubes rotted. (aluminum and rubber)

    I bet one of our 17 experts will have lots of good ideas. hang on

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      Welcome Aboard Ed.[]

      Please put Sarasota, Fl. in your siginature box. You will find this in your "Profile" at the top right of the page.

      This help's us help you.[]

      We have a 17 expert in your backyard. Gary Shallbetter he's in Naples, fl.


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        Thanks for the replys. I will add Sarasota to the signature line. I really want to turn this into a project boat and do a nice restoration on her. I am glad I found this site otherwise the task would be out of the question. I have two fishing buddies that have offered to help me out with the labor. The question is where to start and how far to go. I have worked in fiberglass before as I was a apprentice mold maker at one time so I am ok with that . Electrical system ? I am very afraid if I take it apart the boat may never be the same or run again. I need a plan...big time.



        Sarasota Florida
        78 Angler 17 / 98 Yamaha 115 Sarasota Florida.


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          Welcome to the forum Ed. Sounds like you have a nice project boat there.

          One piece of advice I might offer is to photograph your project each step of the way. It will help you keep track of what you have done, and allow you to go back later if there is a question like... "What did this red wire go to, before I took it apart?"

          It's not an original idea... I got it from looking at the project pages here. []
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            The first thing I would suspect is the fill tube for the gas tank. My 17 had the fill moved to the center console and the old fill covered over with a step plate.

            Good luck,

            Tim[br]1981 19 (project)[br]prior 1978 17 angler (sold)[br]


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              Thanks, I am checking on the fill tube in the morning, mine was also moved to the console. I do not understand why the tank was venting prematurely. I have been taking photos with my digital camera. I also broke off one of the bait boxes so I need a new port bait box. The boat is with out the windshield and a compass. I would like to fix the trim tabs and the soft spots in the deck. I was speaking with a friend this morning about the situation and he said "well if you are going to do all of that you might as well pop the cap off and check the stringers...this is sounding like a project and a half for a guy who works full time. I am in love with the boat so I think I am going to go for it if the tank needs replacing and the console needs to come off. I do not think it is the fill tube as I still smell gass after a week in the drive way and two complete washes of the bilge. I have only 1/2 a tank of gas to begin with .
              78 Angler 17 / 98 Yamaha 115 Sarasota Florida.


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                "well if you are going to do all of that you might as well pop the cap off and check the stringers...

                That sound's easy, but in fact it is not. the boat is glued together with foam. That's what make's it SUPER hard to do.

                That is why you see the whole floor "CUT" out leaving a 2 or 3in border around the edge.

                Here you will see Mark's aka PezMaya 19ftr and the floor cut in prep for new custom stringer's he's building.



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                  Thanks for the input. I am concerned that the foam has got wet over the years and is adding weight to my boat. On a project boat is the foam replaced or just removed?

                  Also there are small holes that were never filled here and there that need to be fixed.

                  I know I do not now have the skills to pull it off a repair this extensive.

                  I think I have a good shot with the forums help and a hand from a buddie or two. But I am just now figuring out how much time and how much money.

                  Estimates any one?

                  What is the alternative ?? If I put it in the shop I will spend near what I paid for it to get the gas tank replaced and the cosmetic work done. I have 2 soft spots in the deck and many spider cracks I need to fix those as well. Fortunatly I have room to work on the boat and time since red tide has ruined most of my nearshore fishing this season. I am new to the site so I am reading as much as I can and coming up with some sort of punch list. The boat also needs electrical work since bow and deck lights do not work. A spark plug seems like it is fouled and my alarm has been going off for no apparant reason . I also need a paint and bottom job. Can anyone estimate how long they think this will all take?

                  I am so glad you all are here otherwise I would be at the mercy of the local marina....ykes

                  Thanks for the input and suggestions.
                  78 Angler 17 / 98 Yamaha 115 Sarasota Florida.


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                    The foam is removed and then replaced. But you double check and fix any place where water can get to it. The factory used 2lb density foam. I used 4lb density on all of mine and that is what's recommended if you foam a tank back in. The new tank's we Coal Tar epoxy to keep any element's from getting to them.


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                      Thanks, I am reading and learning. My girlfriend just got wind that I am thinking of a complete re-do and is in the other room belly-achin that I will never get it back together. She may be right. I have a hard time getting my reels back together some times. How can I get in touch with Shallbetter. Maybe I can sub some of the work out, or pay for what I cant do..or get a back up plan if I cant get it back together. I am ambitious but need a safty net if things crash.

                      Thinkin in Sarasota
                      78 Angler 17 / 98 Yamaha 115 Sarasota Florida.