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Mako 232 freshwater washdown??

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  • Mako 232 freshwater washdown??


    New to the website...just bought a 1996 232 and love it. I've got a question...the specs show that a 30 gallon freshwater washdown is an option for this boat. Mine does not have this option and was wondering if anyone knows where the resivoir would be installed on the 232?

    I haven't called Mako directly yet and wanted to see what people on this site know.


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    I have no idea where the factory put it but there is sure plenty of room under the console.

    There is alot of space in the enclosed transom as well, but the last thing I would want to do is put more weight in the back of this boat.
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      I have 9 Galons under my CC. It seems ample.
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        Hi Pat, welcome to the board...

        The best place for a FWW (Fresh water washdown) tank is in the console. I put a 13 gal tank in mine a couple of years ago and I can't imagine not having it.

        Don't cheat yourself on the size -- you'll go through the water. Here in Tampa, it's quite addictive to rinse yourself off (or the kids) when it's hot out, and the water goes fast. [:u]

        If the boat's on a trailer, drive over to a Boater's World or West Marine and just explain to the staff what you're thinking of doing and they'll let you bring some tanks out to your boat and see what fits without taking up more room than you want.

        Good luck...

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          Thanks all for the info. I assumed that the best place for it would be inside the console. I love the access and size of the console.


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            I guess my tank is stock. It's under the console and is 25 gal.
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