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Fuel / Water Separator?

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  • Fuel / Water Separator?

    My Mercury 115 ~'86 idles rough and hesitates when accelerating. Pumping the bulb usually solves the hesitation. I suspect poorly mixed or fouled fuel. I installed a new fuel separator this spring. Could that need to be replaced already? Any thoughts?


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    Tim, as recently discussed in several of the recent post about fuel and fuel line problems, start with the easiest first. Make sure all your connections are air tight and and your fuel line is in good condition. As for your fuel/water seperater, you may just need to empty it. Just unscrew the canister off like you would your car oil filter and drain the water out of it. Make sure before you put it back on that you rub some 2 cycle oil around the rubber gasket on top of the canister so you'll insure a good seal when you screw it back on. Start there and see what that does.
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      also check the primer ball, they can wear out quick if exposed to salt and sun.
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        Heck, those primer balls can be bad right from the store. I hear those Tempo bulbs are the worst.
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          I was one of the ones that had a lot of trouble with NEW Tempo Primer bulbs this year - will now never buy another after market primer bulb again.

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            Agreed, sometimes it does cost more for OEM replacements, but in the long run they are most definetly worth it
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              I changed the bulb (unfortuntely I had already purchased it from West Marine). I'll empty the filter this evening. Thanks very much for the"red">