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My 4 year old's "Mako"

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  • My 4 year old's "Mako"

    Just thought I would post my sons play area. I had two donated old skiffs, one a wood Chesapeake deadrise, the other a fiberglass Chincoteague scow. I built a tower on the deadrise, it has controls, steering wheel, cb radio, cup holder, outriggers, and all the running, and deck lights are functional on a dusk to dawn timer. I just added the rock climbing wall, thats why its not painted to match. He spends most of his time out there climbing, and playing. My 15 month old daughter is starting to enjoy it also. Notice the Mako cut out in the top, front of the tower.

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    Thats very cool! If I only had the time to put something like that together for my daughter.[8D]
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      Looks great. I better type quick before my kids see your post or they will have me headed to Glousceter next weekend. Say, that day mark looks very familiar.........

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        Dang! I like the line's on that skiff. If it was in my yard the kid's wouldn't get to play with it. Adult's Only! and it would be headed back to the water.


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          Thanks! I have people stop all the time and check it out when they are going thru the neighborhood. I found both the day marker, and the No Wake floating in the bay. The skiff has great lines! If it werent to far gone I would have loved to redone it! Anyones kids are invited anytime I'm home! Mike
          \'78 Wellcraft V20,200 Merc[br]\'80 235-gone[br]\'75 23 Inboard-gone [br]Hayes, Va[br]


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            That is the most awesome playground equipment I've ever seen. Great creativity and construction and the little details push the whole thing over the top!

            Only problem I can see is you're probably going to have to start hiding your boat keys from the kids by the time they're about 8.

            Thanks for sharing the pictures!!!

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              Hey, Thats lesson # 1

              How to have more than one boat in the yard without the wife getting to upset.Thats absolutely awesome!!!.You could also put a big shark fin comming out of the ground for some dramatics [][]
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                That is awesome!! My wife keeps showing me toddler beds made to look like old Chris craft runabouts and saying "can't you build this?" "Sure honey, if I didn't have a job!"
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                  Thanks!I'm lucky to have had the hulls for starting blocks! The rest only took a weekend and a couple of afternoons.
                  \'78 Wellcraft V20,200 Merc[br]\'80 235-gone[br]\'75 23 Inboard-gone [br]Hayes, Va[br]